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Monday, 14 May 2018

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Information for Applicants

Specialty 141 Electricity, electronics and electrical engineering
Power Plants
the degree of higher education "Bachelor"

Dear entrants!

Department of Electrical stations trains specialists in design, operation and maintenance of power plants regimes and specialists work on the maintenance, repair, adjustment and testing of electrical power plants and substations. 
The information for admission to the Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automation, see:



  • humanitarian and socio- economic training which includes philosophy, economic theory, law, foreign and Ukrainian language, the history of Ukraine and others;
    natural-scientific training as a part of mathematics physics, computer technology and algorithm languages, graphs engineering, technical mechanics, electrical materials, basics of metrology and measurements;
    professional and practical training which includes theoretical foundations of electrical engineering, electric machines, electrical systems and networks, stations and electric parts of substations, technique high voltages, relay protection, economics and organization of production;


Disciplines for the higher educational institution supplementing thorough general technical and technological training. These include: the mathematical problem of energy, mathematical modeling, industrial electronics, power generation technology, automatic control theory, the basic theory of reliability, the electric part of power plants and substations, operation and modes of power plant, transients in power industry, Fundamentals of thermal and hydraulic power plants, power management and others.


Through the use of basic electricity training and the latest scientific achievements in the classroom and implementing their own innovative learning technologies, students receive a unique specialty - specific knowledge and skills that allow yourself to solve problems related to the simulation of operating conditions of electric power facilities, development of expert management systems, diagnosing electrical power facilities management. Much attention is paid to the preparation of future computer professionals and advanced control systems.

Scientific communication and student exchange agreements with foreign universities allow deserving students complete their studies at leading universities in Western Europe and obtain a double diploma.
Graduates of the department - highly skilled, able to perceive the modern scientific, technical and economic problems at the global level, specialists in the operation, management, planning, and management of thermal, nuclear and hydro power plants, study their profiles.


at many units of power industry: the power plants, institutions of electric power systems, distribution networks and power systems of industrial enterprises, scientific research and design institutions in the electricity area. Graduates of educational qualification of "Master" can do the work researchers, teachers of the university, faculty of professional educational institutions.

They successfully working in energy company in Ukraine, Russia, USA, Canada and other countries. The most famous - NPC "Ukrenergo", power systems and NPP of Ukraine, research institutes, NAS of Ukraine, Oblenergo, AEK "Kyivenergo", National electric grid, electrical companies, manufacturing companies, design institutes "Energoprojekt", "Ukrenergomerezhproekt", ABB, Schneider Electric, "Kyivproekt", "High-Voltage Union - Ukraine", IEK - Ukraine, Antonov Aeronautical Scientific - technical Complex "Antonov", SE "Kyiv Aviation Plant Aviant " and other government and commercial organizations.

For admission to the Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automation