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WARNING!!! WARNING!!! WARNING!!! Dear students of 5th and 6th year students! I give detailed information for the registration of articles in the collection of FEA. You can find out more ...

Monday, 14 May 2018

Читати далі...

NAC "Energy Company of Ukraine" is a shareholder of 19 public companies the energy sector, generating and supplying electricity.

 For legal form company is a public joint stock company with registered capital of which is formed by the transfer to it of state shareholdings 4 generating companies, 14 power distribution companies, 1 hydro power generating companies.

 The main objective of the company is reliable and efficient operation , development Electricity Sector to ensure economic and energy security, better meet the needs of consumers in the electrical and thermal energy, the effective management of state property, investment, and profit.

 In its activities, the National Company of Ukraine " Energy Company of Ukraine " governed by the legal framework that defines the state policy in the energy sector. The fundamental document is the " Energy Strategy of Ukraine till 2030", which laid the conceptual foundations of energy security, the main goals and objectives of energy policy, outlined the main directions, priorities and indicators of Ukrainian energy



"Ukrenergo" is a state enterprise under the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine and the guarantor reliable operation of the power system of Ukraine. NPC "Ukrenergo" located at 01032 Kyiv, str. Simon Petlyury 25

Areas of industrial activity :

- ensure reliable transmission of electricity from power stations to consumers mains voltage of 220 kV and above, as well as the exchange of electricity with other countries;

- conditions for effective operation of main and cross-border electricity as part of the infrastructure of the electricity market of Ukraine;

- centralized operational and technological management interconnected energy system of Ukraine to ensure reliable parallel operation of thermal, nuclear and hydro power plants in Ukraine and parallel operation of power systems of CIS, Central and Eastern Europe, to prevent violations of the mode, accidents systemic importance and the elimination of possible accidents with minimal losses for the state to ensure the integrity of the power system of Ukraine;

- Power inspectorate and эnerhotehnahlyad in the electricity sector ;

- dispatching control the balance of power and electricity for the operation of the wholesale electricity market.

The main task of the NPC " UkrEnergo ":

- ensure the integrity and reliability of the power systems of Ukraine ;

- centralized operational and technological management of power systems of Ukraine ;

- management processes ballance production and consumption of electricity in the country and region.


Ukraine's power sector is a unique industry on its shoulders rests the whole life of the country. There are companies, produces oil and gas, heat and light in kindergartens and in the windows of houses burning light. In Ukraine, simultaneously with the development of the wholesale electricity market established a system of state regulation of electricity using mechanisms of licensing, regulation of natural monopolies , control rates and processes of pricing at the wholesale and retail electricity market.


Site about industry news, history, energy today, highlights, press, guide.


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Electric power plants

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Electrician - it sounds proudly!

Recently, flipping through materials from the statistics, I came to the table, for the distribution of occupations in the areas of employment, that the place of work (production, transport, medicine, science, business, etc.). What was my surprise when almost every column of a particular industry as well as in several areas was one or other electrical specialty. After analyzing the information received about 85% of the industries that can not survive without serious electrical contingent.
It's not two or three regular electricity and its electric department, workshops, laboratories. These are companies that operate electrical equipment of average complexity and average power.
What is it?
And the fact that so great a need for an electrical engineering staff continues to grow. You must fill in the blanks creative interesting! And who fill if not to those who know all the advantages and even the charm of these professions. It is difficult to understand the situation, when many people are all potentialities and possibilities that would dedicate themselves to this line of business, but they do not use it.
Have you ever thought about how much precious time is lost? And then people regret are the gaps in your life? I want to give some examples for the general information. Let's look to the Americans. In the United States today are 1.2 million engineers - electricians. This second largest profession they became national. Last year, the starting salary averaged $ 40,000 per year. Engineering degree as well as we open the door to different areas and professions where their technical background is a valuable basis in another specialization. For example Dirac, who won the Nobel Prize in physics, was an electrical engineer, Nikola Tesla , Alfred Hitchcock , Neil Amstronh , Jimmy Carter - all electricity.
What do electrical engineers?
Electrical engineer designing digital and analog systems, from the dashboard of your car to the circuit control system of spacecraft. They also write a program to simulate the operation of these systems on the computer. Other specialty - hardware and microcode design of modern microprocessors.
Of course you need to sweat in electrical engineering to acquire skills such jobs. Another niche for electrical engineering, electrical engineering department at the university. These people love to teach their craft, and as perform basic research in specialized fields of electrical engineering. Americans have the minimum qualifications for the job - Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering or closely related field, the starting salary is $ 60,000.
Is electrical engineering right choice for you?
To be perfectly honest, not every electrical Vasey, Peter, Dick and Harry! You need to know and to love math even at school level, and be able to articulate your ideas, be able to display them on paper. You have to be creative and interesting course to what and howits made. You must be eager desire to alter your radio, TV, etc., disassemble and assemble everything that gets in your eyes.
I do not in any way encourage you break something, just if you have a desire you mean, however, are born to create something new in this area.
Our profession is primarily a creative and interesting, it can bring money only when thou shalt do well and deliberately with interest. So as the baker, baked with soul - came with mood and desire - fell apart.
We suggest you to view a poster to help you better understand the versatility, the important role of our profession in the future development of our civilization.  
Are you passionate about electrical engineering and electronics? Want something to break or adjust? Want to study? Here you find something interesting.
Then we will be glad to see you, dear graduates, students of the department of power stations! :)))



The site is dedicated to the design of engineering systems.


Forum dedicated to the design of electrical networks of buildings, lighting, lightning protection, grounding, installation, commissioning, troubleshooting electrical equipment, etc.


Forum dedicated to the design of electrical and low-voltage networks of residential, public and industrial buildings, lighting, lightning protection, grounding, etc.


Catalogue - production and practical publication containing a systematic list of available items and services for electronics, specialists in CAM, metrology, managers of shops and stations, specialists in order to supply the daily activities of virtually any enterprise which is electronics, automation, electrical engineering and there are professionals who serve it.


School for electricity - This is the website for electricians, people who have electrical education, seeking knowledge and those wishing to improve and grow in their profession. The website contains materials Electrical: devices, design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair of electrical equipment.


Subject site Electrik Info: - Electrical and electronics for beginners wiring in the house with his own hands, electrical work, practical electrical and electronics.


Scientific and technical union of Electrical Engineers Ukraine (НТСЕУ) is one of the most influential NGOs targeting energy, which cooperates with legislative and executive authority, power and electrical companies, enterprises and organizations, research institutions and universities of the country's energy policy at the national and regional levels, the introduction of new technologies in the field of energy and electrical engineering.


Сайт про основні аспекти розвитку електроенергетики.


Purpose of the magazine - to provide information and expert support to those involved in the production, sale and supply of electrical equipment, provides repair and maintenance of equipment, and promote development of the electronics. «Електротехнічний ринок»- is a specialized advertising magazine that provides the following specialized information:

market news and companies;
news and trends;
consider the question of design, development and implementation of new techniques and new technologies;
review of the market , technologies, products,
Information on manufacturers and suppliers;
interviews with leading electrical companies;
seminars, exhibitions and conferences;
review of technical and business literature and network resources;
development of electrical engineering and its branches;
on the use of electrical engineering in various fields of energy, construction, metallurgy, telecommunications, transport , etc.



«» — this is the industry's largest Internet portal, founded in 2001, is a universal platform for the efficient operation of electrical market participants. The mission of "" is to provide information support to business and market electrical forming effective media space that promotes sustainable economic development of the electrical industry in Russia.