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Monday, 14 May 2018

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The first lecture on Electrical part of power stations were read in 1920 a founding faculty prof. Skomorohovym. Department of Power Stations was organized in 1922 and the first teachers were Combine the production who read such courses as "High Voltage Power Transmission", "Electrification enterprises", "Electric drive". Later, with the strengthening of laboratory facilities department were put additional special discipline "Fundamentals of electrical equipment planning USSR ", "Power Plants", "Power cables", etc. Lectures read prof. A.A. Fools, prof.  P.V. Okulov, prof. Shenberh.

In 1931, the head of the department B.Y. Domanskoho replaced prof. Y.Y. Grebin. Under his leadership, organized three laboratories relaying control central power stations, switching equipment. Postgraduate student M.L. Kalnibolotskyy, Yu.P. Hyzyla, A.B. Budnytskyy defended their candidate dissertations and became prominent professors subjects "Equipment of central power stations","Relay protection","Short circuit currents". Scientific research prof. Y.Y. Grebin to address the challenges of automatic control modes of the power plants. Assoc. Hyzyla E.P. engaged in the development of relay protection and automation. M.L.Kalnibolotskyy engaged in analytical and experimental investigation of transient processes in the auxiliary of power stations. In 1938 the department was headed by Assoc. A.V. Orlovskyy. In the years 1941-45 the department as a whole institute was evacuated to Tashkent. Teaching Staff provide scientific and technical assistance to businesses in energy savings, participated in the drafting of Hydro Power Station, M.L. Kalnibolotskyy participated in defensive battles for Kiev. After the war of the department replenish Members WW-II I.M. Chyzhenko, S.I. Nedzelskyy, Yu.D. Ischenko. Prof. Orlovskyy A.V. and postgraduate student Chyzhenko IM (later Academician of NAS of Ukraine, laureate of Lenin Prize) conducted analytical and experimental studies of compensatory converters.

Since 1955, the department is comprised of prof. M.L. Kalnibolotskyy, assoc. Budnytskyy , teaching assistant S.I. Nedzelskyy, V.S. Blagyy, J.D. Ishchenko, P.F. Rybchenko, headed by prof. M.L.Kalnibolotskyy. In the years go manuals "Short circuit currents" ( A.B. Budnytskyy, M.L. Kalnibolotskyy), "Distribution of power devices and substations" ( A.B. Budnytskyy , M.L. Kalnibolotskyy , S.I. Nedzelskyy). In connection with the development of computer science at the Department created a scientific field related to the modeling of transients of electrical plants and systems, works have been used in Donbassenergo, Chelyabenergo, the Chernihiv HPP, Kyiv HPP- 4. The results of these operations in 1969 teaching assistant Kosteryev M.V. defended his candidate dissertation on "Development of methods, algorithms and analysis program self engines own use of thermal power plants." In 1974 the department was headed by assoc. Leporskogo V.D. Under his leadership, a new direction of research - development of theory, methods and techniques of automated and automatic control of large electric power facilities and systems. In the years 1974-1997 were solved theoretical and applied problems:

• evaluation and prediction of modes of power consumption;
• identification of transients in power systems;
• management of the electricity system in maintaining the quality of the atmosphere of the cities;
• coordination and optimization of EPS in the conditions of uncertainty;
• construction of decision support systems based on micro-EVM;
• design of hierarchical control systems in the power industry, etc.

This work was performed Assoc. Lucash M.P, Assoc. Filatov A.G., teaching assisatant Zamydra V.I., Polohorodnyk O.S., Ignatyuk S.V. According to the research V.D. Leporskogo doctorate, and seven of his students - candidate dissertations, boule published about 200 scientific papers, six manuals, made additions to the curriculum courses in the specialty "Power Stations".

Under the guidance of prof. M.V. Kosteryeva received further development in the field of modeling of dynamic processes in power systems allowing for the supply of nuclear power plants. Developed:
• comprehensive mathematical model of nuclear reactor unit; 
• method for estimating the most probable perturbations depending on the elements of the system;
• method of analyzing electromagnetic transients from the mathematical description of the system in the form of changes in the state;
• numerical-analytical method for studying the periodic motion of the system for the analysis of asynchronous modes of power systems.

The methods and model studies of the dynamics of power systems with nuclear power plants are implemented as software and used 17 energy organizations.

In 1970, under the leadership assoc. Slyzskoho E.P. begin research into the stability of load nodes with powerful synchronous motors are used in motor drive compressor stations, gas mains.
For achievements in the development of new materials with desired properties assoc. Kirilenko V.M. as part of the team of scientists became the winner Ukraine State Prize in the field of materials science. Teachers of the department actively participated in the institute's research themes dedicated to rational use of renewable energy under the supervision of prof. Academy of Sciences of Ukraine H.Y. Denysenko.

Since 1999, the department is headed by prof., Doctor of Sciences Kosteryev M.V. author of over 130 scientific publications, including the monograph "Modeling the dynamics of nuclear power plants with perturbations in the energy system." Under his leadership, theses Ph.D. 11. In total, the department issued more than 6 books, 3 books with the stamp of Ministry of Education of Ukraine, more than 180 textbooks publishing institute, 4 doctoral and 37 candidate theses.



"ELECTRIC POWER PLANTS" - professionals in the field of operation, management, planning, and management of thermal, nuclear and hydro power plants, study their profiles.

This course provides training department "Power Stations", which was founded in 1922 and is one of the authoritative in NTUU "KPI". During its existence the department has trained more than 2,500 professionals, including more than 150 - to 32 countries. Among the graduates of the department are ministers, academics, directors of energy companies, leading experts from different areas of the electricity industry. Among them, the Minister of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine - Prodan J.V., Zgurovsky M.Z . - Former Minister of Education of Ukraine, academician , doctor of science, the current Rector of NTUU "KPI "; Chyzhenko I.M. - Professor, Laureate of many years as chairman of the department TOE, Batalov A.G. - Deputy Director "Ukrenergo " and other well-known experts.

Graduates of the department receive thorough general technical and technological training, great attention is paid to the preparation of future computer professionals management of power plants and a modern management system.

Thorough and comprehensive training professionals allowing them to work productively in many departments of power industry: the power plants, institutions of electric power systems, distribution networks and power systems of industrial enterprises, scientific research and design institutions in the electrical direction.

The department has qualified teaching staff, which includes: 1 doctor of science, 5 associate professors, candidate of science. The department has modern laboratories, class PC, united in a network with access to INTERNET, video class for creating and viewing of training videos.